dinsdag 27 juli 2010

baby, this situation is driving me crazy

hi there:)

today i finally had a day off! but, unfortunately i had to work in the garden, because the hedge is pruned and since we have a large garden, it was quite a lot of work. So i'm pretty exhausted at the moment. That's why i couldn't make some picture's of my outfit (cause i'm wearing the whole day my work-clothes).
anyway, i found some of these pictures on the pc wich i made some days ago at home. The second picture, is made today, hahaha:) i could not resist trying it again!

pictures; nailpolish, essence - my selfmade braid - my stylebook - some of my shoes

tomorrow, more working, working, working, just as the rest of the week:( but probably, we're going to oberhausen in Germany next week! that's a huge shopping centre! woeeeh, i'm so excited!

bye beauties, xxx

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  1. dankje voor je reactie maar ik vind die kleur van jouw ook erg leuk! echt zo'n kleur blauw waar ik nog opzoek ben, ik zal binnenkort eens kijken!(: liefs


hi beauties, bedankt voor je reactie! ♥