vrijdag 23 juli 2010

you're driving me crazy, you're looking amazing

i've bee looking for such a long time to find thé perfect summer- clip and song, but i couldn't find a song something wich i had like, omg! But if you keep searching, you finally find something. And i have as you can see. Maybe it's a little bit an old song, but if you just look at the clip; o-m-g, you get even more sense in the summer, haha! it's just amazing, don't you think? i love it.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. krijg zomerkriebels!


  2. die ring komt van de six! voor €4,95 :) liefs

  3. aah dankjewel! haha dat liedje is echt lekker zomers whoeh haha! liefs.


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