maandag 23 augustus 2010

guess i lose, but life goes on.

haha, hai! (the pictures are not great, i know)

anyway, sorry for the weekend, i was tired (of working again, gosh it's exhausting). so i went working this weekend and i read a book wich i long ago started with, but never finished. it's called; the it-girl. it's great! there are 8 or 9 parts of it and today i finished the 6th part. i also made some pictures haha, a bit stupid i know haha.

hope you'll had a great weekend, and should have any of you go to school this week?

lot's of lovee, xx

4 opmerkingen:

  1. ik hoef 1september pas naar school (:
    ik ben jaloers op je haar!x

  2. je hebt echt super mooi haar! ik begin vrijdag met school en ga dan eerst een weekje met school naar Rome!

  3. Bedankt voor je reacties op mijn blog! De jouwe is ook erg leuk, en super mooi haar heb je op deze foto's!


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