vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

i la la la love you

wauw, oberhausen is really a-ma-zing! and OMG i've got finally my snake-ring! i was soo happy when i saw it haha:) and as you can see, i also bought the blouse from h&m wich i told you in another post, jeej! and a black top/dress something:) the centro was so huge, and beautiful!
It is highly recommended!

oh and i couldn't found the skirt what i was looking for:( thanks for the ones who helped me with the colour haha! i hope i'll found it some time:)

the other rings are from a six store. i've bought them when i came home haha. everything, yes EVERYTHING was €2! amazing, right?:d

i had a great day yesterday, what about you?

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hi beauties, bedankt voor je reactie! ♥