dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

i wish i could be that girl in the magazine #4

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hi there!

i'm sorry, yesterday i was the whole day traveling. first i went to Amsterdam and after that i went to Almere with my mum, cousin and aunt. but we didn't went shopping, we went shopping for summer 2011 for the boutique of my aunt. omg it was awesome! ofcourse, where we had been was not nearby the stores. we went to the world fashion centre (you can also fill in google if you like). but it was soooo huge! and beautiful:) anyway, there was also a Sarlini ( a beautiful accessory brand) and i buy a black scarf. i'll show you later with the other stuff i also want to show you from last friday!

you're great, xxx
ooh p.s. can you comment on this article: http://fashionheatt.blogspot.com/2010/08/yeah-baby-tonight-dj-got-us-falling-in.html ? hope you'll cause i really don't know witch colour i should pick:( help me! thank you so much:)

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  1. oh i also wish i could be a girl in the magazine!

  2. aaaan dankjewel dat is echt een heel lief compliment ♥
    ben benieuwd wat je hebt gekocht!

  3. yes, I wish this too!
    check out my giveaway!


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