woensdag 4 augustus 2010

loving you is easy cause you're beautiful

said i got i got i got i got your back boy

hahhaha i'm just totally in love with the outfit from the other post (with the denim blouse) so i made a kind of a collage of it:P and tomorrow, i'm going to oberhausen! woeeeeh, omg i just can't wait:)! so i hope there's h&m divided, and then i'll buy this blouse, i'm just so in love:)

what did you guys do today? or still doing?:)
this morning i went 'shopping' with my mother and sister but we weren't looking for clothes, just for school stuff;s. at this time actually a friend could come over to my place, but she couldn't make it, so now i'm surfing on the net just looking for nice pictures for my blog:). but i made also some pictures from my outfit today (it's nothing special:)). but they'll come later this day i guess:) and tonight i'm going to watch a movie with some of my friends!

much love, xxxx

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  1. ik hou ook van dat blouseje!

    Vandaag ben ik ook even de stad ingeweest om cadeautjes te kopen & voor de rest een beetje op de PS3 gezeten:$ haha.

    veel plezier vanavond!x


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