vrijdag 27 augustus 2010

somethin' in your eyes, makes me wanna lose myself

pff, what a day, rain rain rain rain rain:( and it's just august..
anyway, i cleaned up my room and made a new page in my stylebook:)
this weekend i'm going to Scheveningen! woeeeh, omg i'm so excited but there's going to be much rain this weekend, so that really sucks. so i can't post this weekend, so you know why;)unfortunately, next week is already the last week of the holidays:(

well, that's it for now. Oh by the way, I have a post about the LBD that I now move out here.

I can only say; have a great weekend and enjoy what you're going to do, xxxxx

3 opmerkingen:

  1. veeel plezier in scheveningen , het word vast leuuk:D
    Ik word ook gek van de regen :(

  2. woow je blog is nice! Zeeeer inspiratievol!
    Ik volg!


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