zondag 1 augustus 2010

sometimes you do something what you actually always want to do

new agenda, blend via v&d
gilet, seven sisters - liquid eyeliner, essence
outfit du jour - outfit with my new gilet

hi ladies!

how are you guys doing? did you have a nice weekend(or still have:d)? i went today shopping with my sisters and 2 cousins. so i didn't buy so much because i'm going Thursdag to oberhausen in Germany! haha. anyway, tomorrow i have to stay at home because i ordered a jeans-look blouse at sustilo.nl. and tomorrow it comes within! woeehoe! i know already some nice combinations with it, so i hope it will fit:) but we'll see!

bye for now, xx!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Die agenda is echt zo schattig! Leuk vestje en de kleur van je nagellak is ook heel mooi :) xx

  2. thanks !

    echt een heel leuk giletje heb je gekocht!

  3. Leuk giletje!
    &Bedankt voor je complimentje op m'n blog :)


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