zaterdag 14 augustus 2010

yeah baby tonight the DJ got us falling in love again

i had seen those shoes before but friday when i went shopping i saw them again @ sacha(under) and invito(above)! i actually want the ones from sacha(under) in cognac colour but they didn't have them in my size:( so i was looking at the webshop and saw that only these taupe ones are in my size, what do you think? or should i go for the shoes from invito(above)? i actually don't know if they have the taupe ones (from invito) in my size, but surely the black ones. but i just can't decide,

so, wich one should i go for?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. AH wat een heerlijke schoenen zijn dat ! ö ik zou voor de zwarte of de taupe kleur gaan !

  2. Ze zijn alle 3 heel leuk !!

  3. black onesss,
    but i love them alllll <3

  4. the shoes are amazing! I wouldn´t take the ones from sacha because I think they would look much better in brown and I would buy the invitos in beige!


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