woensdag 20 oktober 2010

dots are everywhere

Nicky Hilton with her Proenza schouler PS1 bag

If I'm gonna tell it then I gotta tell it all

hahaha i was in a very creative mood, so i've made a new page in my stylebook:)

hope you like it!


zondag 17 oktober 2010

she puts the color inside of my world

Whitney's collection for her line whitney eve! omg, it's a-ma-zing! i totally love it! what do you guys think?

1, 2, 3 not only you and me

looving this picture so much!

finally vacation! woeeeh, one whole week:) so i hope i can post more than a few days ago, but i can't promise! anyway, what are you guys doing next week?

lots of love x

dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

girls become lovers

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

some pictures i took yesterday - nailpolish and the new ELLE i received a couple of days ago:)

long days @ school :( but luckily, next week we've got a week vacation! jeeej! hope i've got more time to post things;)

maandag 11 oktober 2010

what kind of dream is this?

It’s okay. It’s okay to want someone you can’t have. It’s okay to want something more.
It’s okay to cry when you’re hurt, and it’s okay to stay mad at someone who hurt you.
Believe it or not, it’s always going to be okay. That’s just how it works. Sometimes things
don’t work out how you want them to, and most of the time, it seems like they never will. But
eventually, everything is going to iron out some way or another. You just have to believe,
keep your faith, and move on --

woensdag 6 oktober 2010

great again

don't know how to say how much i love this great outfit!

sorry guys, still very busy with school and stuff:( but i try to post some things:)

loove, xx

dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

hotel room service

new limited edition from Evian. This year from Issey Miyake(the last 2)

(oh, by the way, they're not in the correct order!)