dinsdag 29 maart 2011

woensdag 23 maart 2011

not everybody gets a second chance

so simple, but still great!

p.s. i told you about my new mobile last post, right? well, it have not bought samsung galaxy ace, but htc wildfire white:) I wanted to ace the galaxy so badly, but the HTC is also quite good!

next post i'll show you some pictures! xxx

zaterdag 19 maart 2011

smile and maybe tomorrow you'll see the sun shining through

first 2 pictures are some of my presents: perfumem, a ring, a giftcard from H&M and a lovely card! - my huge puinhoop from carnaval! it was great! - and my new sandals from Sacha!

hi there!

first i want to thank all the one's who have congratulated me! thank you! I made a couple of pictures of my presents that day, but guess what i'm going to buy tomorrow? A new mobile! OMG! THE samsung galaxy ace! OMG! amazing right?
hahaha i just can't wait!
tonight i'm going to a party and i'm really looking forward to it! next week i have testweek so actually i have to learn at the moment...
anyway, what are your plans this weekend?

oh, and by the way: spring starts Monday! jeeeeeeej!

lots of love, ♥♥

maandag 7 maart 2011

sweet sixteeeeeen!

OMG it's my birthday today! and guess what, i'm 16! woeeeeeeeeehoeeeeeeeeee! party:)
i will post later some pictures of this great day!

lots of love ♥

oh and p.s. thank you all for keep visiting and reading my blog! I really appreciate that! thank you!

vrijdag 4 maart 2011

party all night

Hi everyone!

I got this blogaward from fashion-fantasies! thank you!

The rules are:
1. Thank & Link back to the person you give the award to
2. Share 7 things about you
3. Award 15 recently discoverd great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

So, here we go:

things about me:
- i looove nailpolish
- i really want to go to the USA some day
- i want to be a model
- 7 march i'm 16! so over 3 days! party!
- i love to see and read other great fashionblogs
- actually, at the moment i really want to go shopping, haha!
- i really want summer

great bloggers:

see you later! xxxxxxx