woensdag 31 augustus 2011


so, the first day of school is over! i survived:) anyway, yesterday i bought these nail stickers at kruidvat. i've never worked with nail stickers before, but we'll see! how was your day?

lots of ♥

p.s. ik zal binnenkort een review posten!

maandag 29 augustus 2011

new header

hi guys!

I think you've noticed that i have made a new header on my blog! and i'm pretty happy with it! what do you think? I think this one is at least not so boring as the other one:) let me know what you think of it! hope I can post more things in the future if i've got more time.

lots of ♥

hello enemies

jup, school has started again.. i have spent the whole afternoon with these books, and i'm still not ready!:( pf. luckily, i have one free day tomorrow! and this week i'm going to buy the beige shoes from sacha (remember?).

good luck at school for those who also start this week!♥

i wish i could be that girl in the magazine #7

Olivia Palermo for Yo Dona July 2011