zondag 11 december 2011


After long doubting, I bought this necklace yesterday at H&M. And I'm pretty happy with it! I wanted a statement necklace for a long time, but each necklace had something i didn't like. I wasn't quite sure about this one, but I think I made a good choice after all. Don't you think? ♥

donderdag 8 december 2011

being the way that you are is enough

hi there!
omg, this week I 'discouvered' the H&M SALEEEEE! omg fabulous. I picked out a couple of pieces that I really need (and want!!). Take this simple but nice blazer on the left side, you can wear it with almost everything right? oh, and the necklace isn't the one I really want. But I can't find the one I was looking for so hopefully it's in the store!
anyway, I wish you already a nice weekend and see you soon ♥